Watch Porsche’s Taycan Turbo S Take the EV Lap Record at Road Atlanta

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The timed lap was done in early November and was certified by the data-logging mavens at Vbox. The Taycan Turbo S that Keen piloted came wearing Pirelli P Zero NFO Elect tires straight from the factory—some stickier rubber no doubt would have shaved a second (perhaps even more) off of the record time. Turbo S models also come with all the go-fast goodies you can get for the Taycan, including carbon ceramic brakes, active anti-roll bars, and rear wheel steering.

For a little context, Keen’s 1 minute, 33.88 second lap was 3.7 seconds slower than MotorTrend hot shoe Randy Pobst managed in the much lighter, much more hardcore, and much more track-ready C7 Corvette Z06. Even though three seconds is a long time in the world of racing, the fact that an EV even got close to that time is truly remarkable.

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